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Je suis Butcha в Бейруті

Донька президента Лівану Мішеля Ауна Клодін Аун відвідала поминальну акцію Je suis Butcha, яка відбулася 8 квітня в Українському парку біля Посольства України в Лівані
У своєму виступі вона сказала:
Where there is war, there is death and tragedies. Where there is war, life is senselessly defeated and so is our humanity. We have been through wars and we know what is the price to pay. One woman, one child, one innocent soul killed in a war is one too many. War is not a solution to anything, it is a problem to everything. Sitting at a table and seeking peace where peace is possible, that is the highest degree of bravery. Peace takes courage. A war only requires bullets.

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